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Safe Alternative To All The Facial Hair Removal Methods Including Threading


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Have you tried every possible method of Facial Hair Removal, Waxing, Laser, Bleaching, Threading etc ... and you are still not happy?


Or is it your first time looking for a Facial Hair Remover because you have seen a few hairs on your chin or upperlip?


Whatever your reason, here you will find the solution to every possible problem you may be having with removing those unwanted hairs..





So what would you like your Facial hair Remover to be?


If you want a Facial Hair Remover which is fast & easy to use, doesn’t leave you with rashes & spots,  will not cause thicker hair re-growth, will pull out the hair from the root, even the finest, shortest hair and you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home ...






... then read on to find out about the Fast, Easy,Time-saving, Effective and inexpensive’ method of Facial Hair Removal.









Hi I just wanted to say thank you so much for eze-tweeze   It’s great, I have had a problem with facial hair on my chin and neck for years and had to shave, it was that bad and thanks to eze-tweeze my skin is smoother and looks a lot better …….wish I had found it years ago, and very fast delivery thanks so much it has changed my life I don’t have to worry about this problem.


Kirsty, UK 25/10/06



Just ask yourself…


o        Are Laser & Electrolysis too expensive and take too long?


o        Is Waxing painful and leaves you with a red patch or even worse did your skin burn with the hot wax?


o        Is Bleaching darkening your skin and you can still see the hair anyway, it’s just white?


o        Are epilators a hassle because you need to be near electric socket or you need to keep changing batteries?


o        Is Shaving causing thicker, darker hair?


o        Is Tweezing time-consuming and causes in-grown hair?


o        Is Threading causing skin rashes & spots?


o        Are you pregnant or breastfeeding and can not use chemical based Hair removers?


o        Are you on medication and restricted from using electric epilators/chemicals?


o        Do you have a teenage daughter who is unhappy with upper lip hair and you do not want to subject her young skin to any of the above?



You don’t want messy creams & gels, hot waxes and strips, electrical gadgets that promise but don’t deliver or have to rely on someone else to remove your facial hair for you




Hi Shirley!

 I recently bought an Eze-Tweeze from you and I just LOVE it so much!!!!!!

 It is wonderful!   I am 56 years old and have been struggling with facial hair for the last few years.

 Eze-Tweeze is a fantastic tool!  (I think I am addicted to using it!!)    I am so thrilled.

 Well, my daughter was home from university for Christmas and she now loves Eze-Tweeze, too!

 So, I have bought this extra one for her.


Thanks so much!
A Satisfied Customer,


Susan, USA …”  27/12/06










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