The 'Original' Facial Hair Remover

Safe Alternative To All The Facial Hair Removal Methods Including Threading

eze-tweeze™  is a Facial Hair Removal Wand, based on the ancient art of threading which has been practiced in the Middle East & Asia for centuries.


For background information on the Threading method of hair removal, see our ‘BACKGROUND TO THREADING’ page


eze-tweeze™  is a smooth spring which has been designed accurately to emulate the threading process combined with the epilation mechanism of electric epilators to ensure that the shortest and non-visible hair on the face can be removed without the pain and irritation caused by threading.


eze-tweeze™  helps with finer hair re-growth and in time, with frequent use, no hair re-growth at all in some areas of the face.  This method of hair removal is similar to waxing which pulls hair from the follicle.  It causes less irritation to the skin and does not cause the rashes normally associated with waxing or other chemical methods as the skin is not stripped off.


eze-tweeze™  has been used for years by countless women in the Middle East, where threading is a norm, and now it is available to everyone who has not had the opportunity to use this fantastic innovation.


If you have never experienced Waxing or Threading, then the first few attempts may be slightly uncomfortable.  In time as the hair grows finer and you have more practice you will just feel a tingle on your skin … as the popular saying goes ‘No Pain, No Gain’



What a brilliant gadget! Took me a few attempts to get the hang of it and now its easy with no pain!  Would highly recommend!”


Karyn, UK 20/12/06



Whichever method of Facial Hair Removal you currently use, it has it’s drawbacks.  It’s either painful, costly, time consuming, messy,  restrictive or many other reasons.  As daily life becomes busier there is even less time to allocate to beauty routines that we all love to have.  That is why you need eze-tweeze™  not only to resolve these problems but also to make your  life so much easier.


eze-tweeze IT!





Tracy, UK 18/1/07


eze-tweeze™  is your new  ‘Best Friend’

 when you use it, you won’t go back to your old methods



‘This Product Is AMAZING!!! Best Thing Out There!!’


Laraib, UK  28/12/06



eze-tweeze™  is suitable for the most sensitive and young skin, even your teenage daughter can use it.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or on medication which restricts you from using various types of hair removal systems then eze-tweeze™  is your answer. 


eze-tweeze™  causes less irritation to the skin and does not cause the rashes normally associated with waxing or other chemical methods as the skin is not stripped off


Just like waxing & threading,  eze-tweeze™  helps with finer hair re-growth and in time, with frequent use no hair re-growth at all in some areas of the face as the hair is pulled out from the follicle/root.



“OH MY GOSH THIS REALLY WORKS CANT BELIEVE IT...LOVE IT MMMWAH SO EASY TO USE …Excellent service.  Have recommended this product to a lot of people, FANTASTIC”


Aminah, UK 28/12/06


So why is eze-tweeze™  so good?


ü      It will NOT cause any skin irritation as with Waxing, Bleaching or Cream Hair Removal


ü      It will NOT cause any redness or spots as with Threading


ü      It will NOT result in thicker hair re-growth which is associated with plucking ie Tweezer


ü      It is suitable for sensitive and young skins (11+)


ü      You can use it on your chin and neck too                                                                                                  


ü      You can use it anywhere on your face, between eyebrows, forehead, chin & cheeks (but NOT eyebrows)


ü      You can even use it for very fine fluffy chest hair!


ü      Even men can use it for soft hair and hair on cheek bones which can not be shaved    


ü      It pulls the hair out from the root


ü      The hair re-growth will be finer with continued use and in some cases no hair re-growth at all in some people with finer hair


ü      It is safe for diabetics and anyone who may be on medication which restricts usage of various hair removal methods


ü      It is safe if you are pregnant or breastfeeding


ü      You can use it over & over again


ü      It will pull out the shortest and most invisible hair


ü      It does not result in in-grown hairs


ü      It’s much healthier for the skin


ü      You remove more than one hair at a time unlike tweezing


ü      It is far less time consuming


ü      It’s very practical


ü      It’s inexpensive


ü      It’s so easy to use


ü      You can use it in the privacy of your own home


ü      It is so small, size of a pen, that you can carry it with you anywhere you go, especially holiday


ü      You do not need a mirror, just sit back, relax and carry on with your hair removal, even with your eyes shut


Just don’t pull the spring as it will damage the mechanism and DO NOT use it on your eyebrows in case you pull your eyelashes!


***  This little ‘Magic Wand’, will transform your life forever  ***


When you receive your eze-tweeze™., you can start to use it immediately, you do not need to prepare anything, just sit down, relax, close your eyes and within minutes you have a smoother face.  It’s so easy to use.  Just bend the wand, place on your face and turn the handles.  That’s it.  For more detailed instructions, please see our ‘INSTRUCTIONS & DEMO’ page


eze-tweeze IT! 



Many happy customers have bought and used  eze-tweeze™.  Here is a selection of their ‘TESTIMONIALS’



“Absolutely FANTASTIC tool! Can't live w/o it! Fast Delivery!”


“Hi!   My daughter, …. , has received her eze-tweeze and she said she LOVES it! Thank you,”


Susan, USA 18/1/07


So why don’t you try this little ‘Magic Wand’ for yourself and see how it can change your life too!

You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without It!

It’s an investment that will pay for itself time & time again


“Life changing little thingy, Wish I found this 10 years ago, THRILLED!”  22/08/06



We are so confident that you will love eze-tweeze™  that if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money in full, every penny of it! So you have nothing to lose…


100% Money Back Guarantee


For details of our refund procedure please see the TERMS & POLICIES’ page.


With frequent use the wand may need to be replaced in 12-18 months. And after only one use, it would have paid off for itself, because it will cost you less than one session at the salon! (Typically it would cost an average of £20 - £40 for a session at the salon)


And if you think someone else amongst your family & friends would also benefit from using eze-tweeze™  why not buy one for them too?


You can even choose the colour of your eze-tweeze™  . The available colours are Red, Purple, Green and Yellow.   




“Hi! Fantastic gadget, well impressed with how it works - really clever stuff. Only trouble is that my mum & sister keep borrowing it! Will have to get them one each for Xmas! Thanks, it is genuinely a very neat and helpful product.”


Toni K, UK 22/11/06


Buy your eze-tweeze™  today for only £9.50 (+postage & packing)


Order by midday (UK) and your eze-tweeze™  will be despatched on the same day.  (Mon–Fri)

And you can buy up to 3 Wands for the same postage cost.

See our ‘PRICE & POSTAGE’ page for more information


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I sincerely hope that you, like many others, will try eze-tweeze™  and see for yourself how much easier life becomes!


Best Regards







P.S  Order your eze-tweeze™   at anytime day or night and you might just receive it in less than 24 hours!(UK orders only)  Just imagine, the problems you are having with your Facial Hair could be gone forever, within the next few days.



“fantastic - i should have had one of these years ago!!!! quick delivery too” 


Sue, UK 10/1/07




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eze-tweeze IT!


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